Artwork Reproduction: 12/14 Bit versus 16 Bit color depth

We offer artwork reproduction services to artists, curators, museum collections and art collectors. Our high resolution medium format PhaseOne system provides excellent color depth and detail. With a much larger sensor size than a 35mm DSLR (2.5 times larger), your archival giclée print reproductions are easily obtainable at the original size. Color reproduction is also extraordinary. 16 Bit color may not sound that much more than 12 or 14 bit, but it is quite substantial.

12 Bit = 4,096 color variations per channel (RGB)

14 Bit = 16,384 color variations per channel (RGB)

16 Bit = 65,536 color variations per channel (RGB)

It is obvious that 16 Bit color depth is optimum.

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