Our history dates back to the original Tejon Photo from the 1950's by founder Bill Henderson. Mr. Henderson would later sell the business with a handshake to Tony Godec in 1960. Mr. Godec propelled the business forward until his death in 2009. Gary, Tony's son resumed ownership and continued the family name until his retirement in late 2014. Employee of Godec's Photo Supply, Jeffrey Cloutier was offered to purchase the business and so on the stroke of December 31st, 2014 at midnight he became the fourth owner of the local business. Jeffrey carried the Godec's Photo Supply name further until late 2017 when he decided to follow in the footsteps of those before and change the name to Cloutier Fotographic.

"It is an honor to carry the history, prestige and business values of those before me. Cloutier Fotographic will continue to provide the expertise and high level customer service that would be expected from a business with such excellent history." - Jeffrey Cloutier

Our Story

Cloutier Fotographic is determined to transport the legacy of excellence in service and expertise into the future. With over fifteen years of photographic experience, Jeffrey and his team are the best resource when it comes to anything photo related. We are excited to speak to you about your project, big or small. Please give us a call or email with any specific questions you may have.